Module 8: Human Resources

Welcome to Module 8 of SAPA’s Residential Services Induction Toolkit 


Delve into the realm of human resource management. This video covers recruitment and selection, engagement, training and development, staff entitlements, and other best practice approaches to supporting staff in their roles.  

Policy and Procedure 

This policy and procedure template steps through recruitment and selection, staff engagement, training and development, and staff entitlements. It addresses minimum requirements as well as best practice approaches. 

Supporting Documents 

The following documents will aid your daily operations and compliance. These can be easily tailored to meet your residential services’ needs and operations. 

  • Induction Checklist – this checklist sets out the key areas Inductions should cover and includes the ability for staff to sign off that they have received and understand induction training. 
  • Staff Training Record – this document can be found at Appendix 4 of the Queensland Government’s Guideline for Medication Assistance 

Other Resources 

The following resources will support your understanding of this module: