Module 6: Complex Behaviour Management

Welcome to Module 6 of SAPA’s Residential Services Induction Toolkit 


Learn effective strategies for managing complex behaviors and providing high quality support. 

Policy and Procedure 

This template provides guidance on what complex behaviour is, its potential causes, and how to prevent and respond to concerns in a way that ensures a safe and supportive environment for residents. 

Supporting Documents 

The following documents will aid your daily operations and compliance. These can be easily tailored to meet your residential services’ needs and operations. 

  • Staff Training Record – this document can be found at Appendix 4 of the Queensland Government’s Guideline for Medication Assistance and should be used to record all training undertaken by staff. 
  • Incident Report – this document should be used by staff to record and report incidents that involve residents.  
  • Incident Register – this document should be used to log all incidents involving residents and track their management. 

Other Resources 

The following resources will support your understanding of this module: